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EvolveU Worship Gathering

Join us for the 4th Annual evolveU Worship Gathering, September 23-25, 2021! This gathering is for worship leaders, worship teams, musicians, dancers, songwriters, administrators, adjutants, sound techs, media and creatives. If you serve in church and desire an opportunity for interactive mentorship, this conference is for you! Not only will you receive timely and Spirit breathed instruction and wisdom, you will also have a chance to actively participate in your training. We will offer real-time feedback and instruction to help you evolve into the best you that you can be!

Meet the Host


... the evolution of a worship leader...

Benita Jones, began leading worship in her church in 1996. As a young worship leader, she looked to a few national worship artists as mentors from afar. God ordered her steps to Nashville, TN, where she began a gospel music career. While recording and touring with many of gospel music’s brightest artists, she began to cultivate the gifts of leaders and worship team members on the local church level. Leading worship opened a whole new door of ministry opportunities for Benita, as she became a sought after worship artist. Just as she gleaned from others years before; she found herself in a position to mentor leaders and teams from around the world via the Internet. evolveU is the vehicle by which Benita shares the practical tools and wisdom she has gathered over the years. 


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